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  • Provide ambulatory outpatient service with biopsychosocial and preventive medical approach in the context of their families and communities
  • Offer health educations by a team composed of physician, nurse, and Pharmacist in outpatient department, ward, and community
  • Provide outpatient health examination services in both group and individual for school entrance, job- and other-related conditions
  • Offer a comprehensive health examination in ward 11C (Health Examination Center) from the aspect of the preventive medicine
  • Supply home visit and home care services in the area of chronic disease and its related complications
  • Support the outpatient clinical practice and public health-related issues of health station and Group Practice Center in rural area in according to the community medicine

Love express, fast and warm care delivered

For a long time, the home-care team of National Cheng Kung University Hospital has kept extending its services from the hospital to the community. Recently in order to pursue better care outcomes and quality, our team successively carried out a number of improving and creative measures, such as monitoring and improvement of various quality control indexes, case conferences among the multidisciplinary team, workshops for improving the team members°¶ care techniques, and periodic expert lectures on long-term care. Moreover, full-functioned consultation in social work, nutrition, pharmaceuticals and physical therapy, etc., and medication history review of new cases by professional pharmacists are also distinguishing features of our team.

In addition, numerous creative services have also been implemented step by step. Considering the continuity of home care, the fixed physician will take care of the same patient for at least two years, the list of care cases will be regularly updated, and the annual handover will take place as the service term ends. These methods enable the physicians to entrust the patient completely. If acute illness happens, a perfect supporting measures for hospitalization is also taken after the physician°¶s evaluation. We expect that people in need will experience our brand-new and energetic home-care services.

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