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2010 -- Conference report outside the country

1. Yin-Fan Chang, Chin-Sung Chang, Chun-Feng Wu, Chuan-Yu Chen, Yu-Jang Chao, Po-Hsiu Kuo, Hsuan-Jui Chang, Chia-Wei Tu, Yi-Ching Yang, Chih-Hsing Wu °GDifferent diagnosis methods in the prevalence of osteoporosis. IOF Regionals°COsteoporosis International °AS701-2°C

2. Zih-Jie Sun, Chih-Hsing Wu*, Yi-Ching Yang, Ting-Hsing Chao, Ru-Fang Liu, Yin-Fan Chang, Ling-Jun Ou, Ruey-Mo Lin °GPrevalence and Associated Factors of Vitamin D Inadequacy in Community Women in Southern Taiwan. IOF Regionals°COsteoporosis International°AS716°C

3. Chih-Hsing Wu, Man-Chun Wu, Yung-Kuei Soong, Ruey-Mo Lin, Tzay-Shing Yang, Jung-Fu Chen, Keh-Sung Tsai.°GWho Can Pass the ISCD Course Certification Examination: the 8-year experience in Taiwan °CJ Clin Densitometry °A125°C