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2018 -- Original article

    1. Pei-Yun Lee, Yi-Ju Tsai, Yu-Ting Liao, Yi-Ching Yang, Fen-Hwa Lu, Sang-I Lin°@ Reactive balance control in older adults with diabetes..°@Gait Posture2018;:.
    Diabetes mellitus is a major health problem for older adults worldwide and could be associated with impaired ability to recover balance after postural disturbances. This study compared reactive ba...[Detail]

    2. Chih-Hsing Wu, I-Jan Kao, Wei-Chieh Hung, Sheng-Chieh Lin, Hsuan-Chih Liu, Min-Hong Hsieh, Shalini Bagga, Monika Achra, Tien-Tsai Cheng, Rong-Sen Yang°@Economic Impact and Cost-effectiveness of Fracture Liaison Services: A Systematic Review of the Literature..°@Osteoporos Int2018;:.
    Fracture liaison services (FLS), implemented in different ways and countries, are reported to be a cost-effective or even a cost-saving secondary fracture prevention strategy. This presumed favora...[Detail]

    3. Chih-Hsing Wu, Shih-Te Tu, Yin-Fan Chang, Ding-Cheng Chan, Jui-Teng Chien, Chih-Hsueh Lin, Sonal Singh, Manikanta Dasari, Jung-Fu Chen, Keh-Sung Tsai°@Fracture liaison services improve outcomes of patients with osteoporosis-related fractures: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis.°@Bone2018;:.
    This systematic review and meta-analysis evaluated the outcomes of patients with osteoporosis-related fractures managed through fracture liaison services (FLS) programs.

    4. Su FL, Li CH, Chang YF, Wu JS, Chang CJ, Lu FH, Yang YC°@Moderate, but not heavy, tea drinking decreased the associated risk of gallstones in a Taiwanese population..°@Eur J Clin Nutr. 2018;:.
    The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between tea drinking and gallstones, specifically to evaluate the amount and time of tea consumption by...[Detail]

    5. Chen HY, Wu JS, Chang YF, Sun ZJ, Chang CJ, Lu FH, Yang YC°@Increased amount and duration of tea consumption may be associated with decreased risk of renal stone disease..°@World Journal of Urology2018;:.
    Purpose: Previous studies have looked into the association between tea consumption and renal stone disease, but the impact of tea consumption over time has not yet been fully clarified. Our study ...[Detail]

    6. Chou YT, Cheng HJ, Wu JS, Yang YC, Chou CY, Chang CJ, Lu FH :°@The association of sleep duration and sleep quality with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in a Taiwanese population. .°@Obes Res Clin Pract2018;:.
    Objective: The association of sleep duration/quality with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is inconclusive. Several important covariates were not adjusted concomitantly in some studies, an...[Detail]

    7. SHIN NY, Chen HU, Yang YC, Lu FH, Huang HE, Wu JS, Chang CJ : °@The Association between Blood Pressure Status and Colorectal Polyps in a Taiwanese Population..°@Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Research 2018;:.
    Aim: Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide, especially in more developed countries. Colorectal adenomas can progress to malignant carcinoma based on the pathogenesis of adeno...[Detail]

    8. Chia-Wen Lu, Chih-Jen Chang, Yi-Ching Yang, Wen-Yuan Lin, Kuo-Chin Huang°@Multicentre, placebo-controlled trial of lorcaserin for weight management in Chinese population..°@Obes Res Clin Pract.2018;:.
    Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the effects of lorcaserin on body weight, cardiovascular risk factors, and safety in obese patients in Taiwan.
    Methods: In this double-blind, randomi...[Detail]

    9. Chih-Hsing Wu, Chung-Hwan Chen, Po-Han Chen, Jen-Jia Yang, Po-Chun Chang, Ting-Chun Huang, Shalini Bagga, Yuvraj Sharma, Ruey-Mo Lin, Ding-Cheng Chan°@Identifying Characteristics of an Effective Fracture Liaison Service: Systematic Literature Review..°@Osteoporos Int2018;:.
    Fracture liaison services (FLS) have been demonstrated to improve outcomes following osteoporotic fracture. The aim of this systematic literature review (SLR) was to determine the characteristics ...[Detail]

    10. Liu YL, Wu JS, Yang YC, Lu FH, Lee CT, Lin WJ, Chang CJ : °@Gallbladder stones and gallbladder polyps associated with increased risk of colorectal adenoma in men..°@J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2018;:.
    Background and Aims
    Most cases of colorectal cancer develop via an adenoma to carcinoma sequence. Gallbladder polyps share some risk factors with colorectal polyps. Little is known about the ...[Detail]